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PG Diploma in Automotive Body Design (2019M_AU002)

This program will educate students on how to incorporate their ideas into an automotive body design and accordingly examine and experiment with the design they have created. This program will also update the participants about the most prevalent automotive body designs and styles that are being followed in the automobile industry. The participants will also learn about the application of the CAD/CAM/CAE software to do the real time simulation and analysis of the automotive body they have generated.

Course Outcomes:
  • Become proficient in the concept of sketching and clay modeling.
  • Learn to use non-parametric CAD styling software.
  • Obtaining profound knowledge in surface modeling and understanding BIW concepts and design. 
  • Learn the application of CAE software to examine the body of the vehicle, both structurally and aerodynamically.
  • Learn appropriate communication abilities, problem solving, and reasoning capabilities.
Modules Programs Duration of Program Total Duration
PG Diploma in Automotive Body Design – 2019M_AU002
Fundamentals of design and Sketching 80
Clay modeling 40
Reverse egnineering 40
Styling 80
CATIA Kinematics 16
3DPrinting 40
BIW design 40
Hypermesh 40
Ansys 80
CFD 40
Projects Duration On Automotive body design 200 200
Life Skills
Spoken language – English, Hindi (Basic Level) 40
Communication Skills 40
Leadership Skills 5
Influencing 5
Interpersonal Skills 10
Creativity 20
Effective Team Player 10
Problem Solving 20
Decision Making 10
Managing Time Effectively 5
Stress Management 10
Presentation Skills 20
Attire Ethics 5
Business Skills
Project Management Concept 40
Six Sigma 40
Microsoft Project 40
Total Duration 1136 HRS
Eligibility criteria:
  • B.E/B.Tech graduates from mechanical/automotive engineering and related fields.
  • Students having above 50% marks overall, candidates awaiting arrears can also apply.
  • Students from batches 2018 and 2019 and below the age of 25
  • Students must appear for NELSAT (National Employability and Life Skills Assessment Test)
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